Hey. I'm Jonathan.

I'm a computer science student at Binghamton University who primarily programs in python and java (as much as I hate it), with more recent forays into rust and dart. Contrary to most developers on the Internet, I hate hate javascript (primarily the inherent state of debugging), and would like to switch to something like elm, but haven't found the time or willpower.

The fields I find most interesting are: cybersecurity, distributed systems, machine learning, and human computer interaction.

You can find some of my work on github and devport.

Do you want to chat? Email Keybase

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Blogs you should read

More provocative stuff

  • https://www.maa.org/external_archive/devlin/LockhartsLament.pdf
  • https://medium.freecodecamp.org/inside-the-invisible-war-for-the-open-internet-dd31a29a3f08
  • http://humanetech.com
  • The Last Lecture

  • I run Fedora (undisputablydebatably the best linux distro).

    My PGP fingerprint is 3704 0C9A 70F1 6590 B664 0C8F E073 43A1 352C 03A7

    Eventually going to put a google maps thing here, with pins for all the hackathon locations I've been too add mapboxgl-spiderfier so that all the clustered hackathons in downtown NYC will be much easier to see (They're not all there yet). You'll notice the recurrent theme of failing. (Its like 16! 18).


    hackbu (Binghamton, NY) - Feb 09
    treehacks (Palo Alto, CA) - Feb 16


    hackdartmouth (Hanover, NH) - Apr 06